The Beginning Is Near

by Rose Gold

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released December 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Rose Gold Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pop punk band from Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Fool's Tongue
Snatch the fool's tongue
Cut it out of its house
Teach him to be honest
Before he opens his mouth
Grab the king's crown
Rip it from his scalp
So he'll learn to be grateful
Before he gets help

Among the royalty, misguided loyalty
Tainted bloodline and guilty swine
Strings on every finger
How can you watch your puppets dance?
It's been an endless reign
We've given you every chance
When you look in the mirror
What does your conscience look like?
How does it feel to see the blood that's on your hands?
The plague has left the streets
it's knocking at your door
The rats can smell your filth
They're coming through the floor

High time someone put you in your place

The curtain will fall
You'll stumble from your throne
The archers are waiting
Track Name: Blood In, Blood Out
Walked your path for years and years
Ignore my pleas, my cries, and tears
But now I keep my faith where I keep my fears
Behind my eyes and between my ears

Command a blueprint that's outdated
Teaching a language full of contradictions
They say that "nothing in life is free"
And that "the greatest parts don't cost a thing"
So where does that leave me?

I was born a dream
I don't want to die a nightmare

I'm lost in limbo
Suspended on a string
There's no escape for me
You are my crooked wing
You are always in the back of my mind
But there's approval i've yet to find

I'll discourse of my destiny till my jaws snap off
Don't correlate your intentions with mine
There's a reason i'm here
Prudent and strong
There's a reason i'm here

Sorry, death
I won't be long
I just have some people to prove wrong

Peril, peril
Ascending from your ashes
Careful, careful
I'm rejecting the transplant
Track Name: DMG
I am a child who clings to the sheets pulled over my head
I've been afraid since the lights went out and I got into bed
For years i've been chasing the life I deserve
But things are looking grim
Death is grasping at my limbs
I've always wondered what it's like to fight a fight you can't win
I've been struggling for 8 months now breathing smoke into these lungs
Why is my heart still beating?
Why am I still here?
When dying alone is something I never feared
Track Name: Cascade
I've moved on now
But my debt still persists
I still think of you
And the weight still exists
But you have the luxury:
Not knowing what I know -
If things had never changed
I would never grow

Your words were waves
Take me away
I used to hear those waters flow
I used to watch them cascade
Your words were winds
They blow me away
I used to feel the breeze on my cheeks
Now my foundation quakes

My confidence was shaken
A lonely star shining upon nothing
Not a world, not a sky
Bled onto your clothing
I'm here to eject the thought
That I am what i'm not
I'm not flawless, but i'm fearless

Let me be your moon
I'll bask in your ambience
Keep me unexplored
But close in terms of distance
I tried my best to glow
But now i've learned my lesson
That you don't burn for me
And I'm just iridescent

We have nothing to hide so you fear us

[Kaden Birdsong of Life Lessons]
There's a labrynth in my head
That's growing every day
I'm a knot, I'm a mess
I'm an ever-changing maze
If I could pick the arrows from my head, I would
And pull the thorns out of my heart for good
Track Name: Shadowboxing
Turning around
I see my enemies lined up to speak
Each with an endless list
Of what makes me weak

But I can't keep running
The future's calling
Trapped on a timeline
So I lean forward
I can't keep shunning
The future's calling
Stuck in the sand
If i don't fix this mess

I'll be watching
Always lurking
For the right time to make my mark
I'm here for something
But nothing's working
Maybe I need somewhere new to start

I want to fix the world
But I can't do it alone
So I'll start with myself and see where it goes

In all the chaos
In all the comfort
I've only found myself growing more stubborn
In all the written
In all the spoken
They only pride themselves because I'm broken

Turning away
I see the stars align
And it's never been so clear
The beginning is near.